App description

MeMoPharm is the app that reminds you to take your meds. With its quick and convenient interface you will not need alarm clocks or loose papers to remind you of the drugs prescribed.
The app scope is to simplify everyday life and allow you to fully enjoy the day without the risk of forgetting your meds.
The application is the result of the work of experts in the pharmaceutical industry and was created with the idea of ​​helping people of all ages and social classes. With the aim to facilitate the dialogue between the pharmacist and the client, the app creates a direct relationship between these. Thanks to MeMoPharm, each user can organize through their mobile device any medications to be taken and an automatic alert notification will remind them when it is time for their pills.

What we have done

  • UI Design
  • Native iOS development
  • Native Android development
  • Web services
  • Admin panel


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